Read on Woodleigh Residences Sees High Curiosity During Launch

It is also inside the proximity of One North, Science Park, also Ayer Rajah Crescent, popular work place for technology start-ups.

This is approximately $788.31 per square foot.

UOL team told websites that their aims involve a 40-storey job, including 640 units, to make the most of this area’s open perspective.

Our outlook on the storyline

Dependent on the place, we believe the primary attraction is to investors. Rentability is going to be large, given the high number of technician start-ups (a lot of which use foreigners) from the place. Landlords may also find student tenants, who would rather reside off-campus or can not get a dorm room for a certain reason.

Amenities shrewd, the place is rather typical — there are a whole lot of food choices nearby, particularly in the One metro area; but there is not much in the method of retail. There is a Cold Storage at 1 North however, so that will help for markets. For amusement, residents had best be ready to travel; you wont find much in the manner of cinemas or nightlife . Access may be small problem, even if the condominium does not offer a shuttle bus into neighboring MRT channels including One North (however we presume this is going to be true ).

It is a nice and quite open area; noise and traffic problems are for the most part nonexistent. This will attract foreigners that are nevertheless in a state of shock in Singapore’s urban density. However, for people who want a little bit of excitement, that is exactly will they will discover: a very little bit and that is it.

The brand new Normanton Park may Offer some competition

We notice the new Normanton Park (from Kingsford) is a sizable undertaking, and one that has been struck by a no-sale license. The new Normanton Park will place 1,864 new components to the identical general area; and since there is a no-sale accredited, the programmer will probably be in a huge rush to market (programmers will need to finish and market a job in five decades, or else cover the complete ABSD).

This implies a whole lot of potentially fantastic value purchases, and individuals working in the region may be attracted to the instead. Landlords can also find some contest, as the brand new Normanton Park may also give nearby home to a single North, Science Park, and Ayer Rajah Crescent. In reality, lots of the benefits and drawbacks we seen for the brand new Normanton Park could be applied to any improvement over the Clementi Avenue 1 plot.