The world is dying. Partly because we produce as much garbage, and partially because an international superpower thinks pollution is only China telling lies. No matter NEA is stepping to the struggle with IKEA.

Checkout Leedon Green new launch for more details.

What is totally free? I need!

18,000 HDB residents are obtaining a coupon this month, which they may swap for a free recycling bin in IKEA.

The coupons will be sent by email. Yeah, this initiative to conserve the Earth begins with printing 18,000 coupons and manually sending them we’re off to a fantastic start.

Great, now we’ve got 18,000 more people to struggle for a spot at the meatball line.

Why do we do so?

Since in a poll of 5,000 Singaporean households this past year, just six in 10 recycled frequently. Which does not surprise us we can not get folks to return trays in hawker centers, and you would like them to haul their crap all the way into a recycling bin?

Then, a lot of it had been contaminated with meals. Many people did not recycle plastics and plastic, and those who did did it wrong.

Are you aware whether you would like to recycle something such as a Styrofoam container, then you have to wash it ? Yeah, dumping it along with your carrot cake inside only messes everything up in the bin. And should you wish to recycle beverage containers, such as your Coke can or beer bottle, you are supposed to wash out these first.

(Again, did we say we are too lazy to return trays)

It is a little much to expect a person to wash and wash their containers out , saythe center of the street when they are passing a recycling bin. But they may do it in case the bin right outside their door.

Is it possible to work?
Getting people to throw things in recycling bins is not hard. Getting them to apply the 0.05 percent of additional attempt to throw it at the right-coloured bin is little tougher. Getting them to wash out things and bring them into the ideal bin? That is not likely to have a higher success rate, not with a more powerful incentive.

The battle is not to convince people to recycle; it is to make them recycle the ideal way. So here is an opinion:

Give coupons coupons for IKEA meatballs rather than recycling bins, to advertise the habit. We would want to invent a means to monitor it, but it would function, damn it.

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