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About Holland Road

Holland Road or Holland Village is a subzone found in the Bukit Timah Planning area. This place is situated next to Queenstown that is reputable for its cafes, restaurants and nightspots and many expatriates love this area.

Holland Road is well situated in the city centre. The founders who established this area back in the 1990s were of the Dutch community. As a result, it was named after Hugh Holland in 1907 who was an amateur actor and an architect who loved here. Initially, this area was covered with plantations.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Holland Road started changing with Chip Bee Gardens homes dominant in the area becoming home to British soldiers and their families. The proximity of these neighborhoods to other popular neighbourhoods like Tanglin Road and Orchard Road contributed to the establishment of shops and services in the village to meet the demands of the residents.

Soon, developers noticed the potential of this estate. They started developing detached homes and bungalows to meet the housing needs of the families in this area. Business-minded people also established stores to provide supplies to the expat’s families. The establishment of essential services and its proximity led to the development of Holland Village, which had grown to become social heaven for expats residing in the area today.

Many years later, the signs of European influence can still be felt in Holland Village. Some of them include the giant windmill that is sited on the top of Holland V Shopping Mall. There is also a small windmill that marks the front of the Holland Village Market and Food Center. The vicinity still retains the European charm through its plenty of restaurants and cafes situated in the area.

Today, Holland Road is synonymous with trendy restaurants, cafes, wine bars and popular with expats. Although the area has mostly provided for the expat families, it is increasingly becoming popular with young Singaporeans.

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