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The west side of Singapore is frequently unfairly neglected. The east is considered as smart, the north newly-developed, not to mention the south being a portion of this buzzing core. However, not only is it the western area the biggest of all five areas in Singapore, it’s equally, if not more, well-serviced concerning schools, facilities, nature places, and industrial solutions. Clementi, being the nearest at the western area to central Singapore, has become an unparalleled hub teeming with amazing food, high schools, exceptional attractions and innovative business centers.

Yes, Clementi is coveted and may just be the ideal home for everybody, from budding families . And where else to repay compared to Parc Clematis, a cozy home perfectly poised to benefit from that Clementi and the west has to offer you.

Delish Food In Your Doorstep

In the candy savoury puffs of Beard Papa’s into the western joys of Swensen’s, fulfill your cravings in The Clementi Restaurant only 6-minutes’ drive away, a favorite place among heartlanders and boasts over 150 stalls.

A close choice is your 321 Clementi, that has a multiplex theatre to catch the latest blockbusters and restaurants such as Jalapeno South-West, which provides Mexican cuisine. After eating your fill, you can visit the local West Coast Park for a stroll. The ocean breeze and view is guaranteed to freshen you up.

While we’ve been talking about fries, make no mistake; Clementi is a valid food-haven with separate chefs cooking up a storm. Cases are Bowl Chap in West Coast Drive, which functions cheap Japanese dons fused with local tastes such as the 5 Spice Apple Braised Pork Belly. Cafes are also abound, with stone such as Toby’s – The Dessert Asylum in Boon Lay Way, which functions lips-smacking American heavyweights like hamburgers and mouthwatering desserts. Another noteworthy cafe is Pobo Gelato in Clementi West Street, an artisanal Italian gelato cafe featuring handcrafted gelato and crispy waffles.

For budding households the access to schools is often on top of priorities. As you may already know, the west houses a significant number of superior schooling facilities, from international schools to tertiary associations. Because of the great deal of colleges, the public transport network needs to be excellent to accommodate most of the residents and students. Plus it is. Clementi is serviced by the Clementi MRT Station (East-West Line) and the Clementi Bus Interchange, in Addition to highways such as the AYE and West Coast Highway.

Right alongside Clementi is Singapore’s (official) second central business district, following the CBD. Termed Jurong Lake District (JLD), it’s intended to develop into a heart rivalling CBD concerning business infrastructure, dining and retail choices, and leisure activities. Clementi being right alongside Jurong is poised to reap the advantages. Additionally developed in JLD is your Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed railroad, which facilitates greater economic synergy between the 2 cities. JLD, and consequently Clementi, will benefit from the influx of companies and requirements for services.

Clementi can be a hotspot for excellent nature. Starting off the listing is your Japanese and Chinese gardens, which features royal architectural fashions.

They’re a rock’s throw away from Clementi. Kids will adore the numerous activities about these parks, including kayaking, climbing ropes and celebrating wildlife such as otters and migratory birds. Envision removing yourself in the hustle and bustle from taking a stroll along the boardwalks and swimming decks of Jurong Lake Park at night when enjoying the calmness. Subsequently drive 10 minutes home to Parc Clematis, where it is possible to opt for a game of tennis or reach on the indoor fitness center.

Parc Clematis is the ideal home for families, singles, and elderlies using its own host of in-house amenities. Listing price goes from $670K – $3,200K and also record PSF proceeds from $1,067 – $1,726.