The seller of a unit in Pinewood Gardens created the top profit of $1.68 million on the week end of July 9 to 16. The 1,959 sq ft unit on the next floor was purchased for $1.6 million ($817 psf) at October 2006, and marketed for $3.28 million ($1,674 psf) on July 15. The vendor made a 105 percent gain, or an annualized gain of 6 percent over almost 13 decades.

Finished in 1990, it includes 149 units, including 1,227 sq feet, two-bedders, to 2,099 sq feet, four-bedroom units. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a brief six-minute push away. The development can be near reputable colleges. Anglo-Chinese School (Main ) is a six-minute drive off, while Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) is a seven-minute wander off.

The 2nd best advantage made within the week — a 59% gain of $1.65 million — was in Regency Park, situated on Nathan Road in prime District 10. This usually means that the vendor made an annualized gain of 4 percent over almost 13 decades.

Location is accessible through Leedon Green Holland MRT.

Regency Park is a 292-unit freehold condo finished in 1987. It’s a three-minute driveway from Tanglin Mall, along with a six-minute driveway from Great World City.

In Dakota Residences, the vendor of a penthouse unit created the third most rewarding transaction of $1.58 million within the week. The 2,605 sq feet, four-bedroom unit on the 19th floor has been purchased for $2.62 million ($1,005 psf) at July 2008 as it was recently launched, and marketed for approximately $ 4.2 million ($1,612 psf) on July 12. The seller produced a 60% gain, or an annualized gain of 4 percent over 11 decades.

Finished in 2010, it includes 348 units, including 1,023 sq ft two-bedroom units, to 3,714 sq ft penthouse flats.

Residents in Dakota Residences, that faces the Geylang River, may also get a view of those landed houses in the prime Goodman Road area in District 15, which is right across the lake. The evolution is also a brief four-minute wander from Dakota MRT Station on the Circle Line.

On the flip side, the best loss incurred within the week was out of the resale price of a 2,390 sq ft unit in 8 Bassein, on Bassein Road in prime District 11. The seller sold the home for about $ 2.55 million ($1,067 psf) on July 12, also lasted a 13% reduction of $388,000. Within a lengthy period of seven decades, this translates into an annualized reduction of 2%.

8 Bassein is a freehold condominium, and has been finished in 2015.

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